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The Global rollout campaign

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When we first spoke to School Hack, they had 0 users. They have outsourced their marketing to us exclusively for the past 5 months.

They now have 2,000,000 users worldwide

What we did

We leveraged almost all of our education roster, with all of the influencers set to create multiple posts over a 3 month period. These creatives were then used as paid-ads to maximise downloads.

We worked with top creators including MoVlogs, encouraging students to download the app.


Total impressions

2,000,000 +

New global users




Peak ranking on the
UK, ZA, IT, FR, PH, FI, SE, ZA, and GE education charts

#2 & #3

Services Provided

In this case, we used our own roster and 100+ other creators from 5 continents to push school hack to the global market.

I wish we could put what we did in those aesthetic grey pill shaped icons, but we did everything when it comes to social media advertising.

Peak ranking in 10 more countries

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